What’s In My Clinical Bag? (Star Wars Edition)

Clinical can always be a big ominous stress ball; especially in first year…and second year… and well.. you get the picture. Here are some items and tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I have hyperlinked the specific products that I have and love.


Things to have in your pockets:lllll

  1. Stethoscope. This in an investment. Think of it like your light saber. Thus, guard it with your life. No one wants to be like Anikan…
  2. An actual penlight that more closely resembles a light saber.
  3. A note pad of approximately this size with multicolored pens to jot down Jedi teachings.
  4. A mini-clock to make sure you stay on fleek.
  5. Safety glasses to shield and disguise yourself while searching for Siths…
  6. A small bag of nuts and chap stick because you’re worth it.
  7. Cheap ass water bottle because you’re going to lose it while climbing sand dunes in Tatooine.


What kind of footwear do I wear to survive those darling 12 hour shifts you ask?

  • I worked with an LPN who recommended Alegria and I have to say they are way better then wearing runners and much easier to keep clean/presentable. I suggest calling up your local shoe stores and seeing if they carry them because usually they can modify the inserts for you.
  • Compression socks. Sounds crazy. I know. But I swear by them after regrettably giving the stink eye when I first saw a nurse wearing them. I got these exact ones on Amazon and they are cheap but effective for long days.
  • In terms of storing my supplies; I use a bigger fabric pencil case. I would wait to buy this until you have worked a few clinical shifts and can gauge everything your professor specifically will want you to bring.13600317_1613889835307130_2845812270626374109_n.png



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