Tips for Thriving in Nursing School:

I am nearing the last 10 months of my studies and I often have students engaging me for support and guidance at various obstacles points in this journey. I have found the follow strategies and resources to be invaluable.
  1. Prioritize your time. Always look at your assignments/test and assess what is worth the most and will likely be the hardest when you are allocating your study time. Do NOT and I mean do NOT forget to prioritize time for the people, activities and things that mean the most to you. I made sure my weekly schedule included the option to have up two 2 social activities per week in addition to school and self care needs, when I was at my most busy periods.
  2. Sleep and self care are important. The program is very challenging and it’s easy to let your health fall by the wayside but don’t let that happen. images
  3. Make study friends. This is soooo helpful for OSCE prep especially with helping to identify if you are missing things in your study notes and it is also a life savor if you miss class or if you are simply too busy to get through the mountain of readings.
  4. Advocate for yourself. You are in control of your learning experience so if you feel you need help, are not being treated fairly, or are feeling overwhelmed do not be afraid to speak up for guidance and support.
  5. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Every cohort and individual’s experiences are very different. In my first year, I only ever heard horror stories from upper year students about classes, clinical and professors. I found many of these stories to be the exact opposite of my experience so go into everything with an open mind, a positive attitude and prepared to work hard.


I’m not going to sugar coat it. Nursing school is very hard and there will be points when you are wondering why you are torturing yourself with the unrealistic expectations of many of these programs. Remember that you earned your seat in your program, you deserve to be in your program, and at the end of this program you determine what to do with the knowledge, skills and experience you have acquired. Don’t let anyone tarnish your confidence or determination.
Stay tuned for what’s in my clinical bag! Please hit me up if there are questions or topics you want me to discuss!



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