Child Magnet

Do you ever feel like you are a magnet for certain types of people, situations or things? I have a few….


#1. Children.

Children. Love me. Parents. Love to allow their children to randomly hangout with me. The stranger. Weird. I know.


How do I know this is a theme?
A few years ago, I was riding the Greyhound a substantial distance for Canadian standards. While transferring in Ottawa to head a west, an adorable little 2-3-year-old sat beside me while her mother sorted out what to do with her infant and their baggage. The child wanted to sing with me…in French. My French language skills did not include this particular nursery rhyme. So being the adult that I am, I swiftly ran away from the munchkin and gave my seat to the mother and moved several seats. 

Fast forward several hours and no further communication with this family; I was awoken at 3am-ish by the mother… who asked me to watch her sleeping toddler and hold her baby while she ran in to buy snacks at this convenience store we had stopped at. In my head I did a “Hail Mary” and before I could respond she had shoved her sleeping baby at me. Fast forward again, the baby awakes, and I sternly inform this child they are not to cry because they are the first baby I had held. The child instead stares at me like I am a demon on acid. Through reciprocal looks of confusion and dread; me and the kid decided we just would not work out as friends and fortunately, his mother returned before his tears and screams hit their peak.


Time skip 8 years and at least a couple dozen other interactions with random children:


I am sitting in my doctor’s office last week. A different mother with a baby and a toddler again enters my life. The baby is cool as a cucumber; sleeping, drooling and being adorable. The toddler…. So much screaming and running and a mother who would periodically tries to catch him and takes a laissez-faire approach to discipline…hence running and screaming child. IMG_4894[1]

Everyone is becoming progressively more and more annoyed. Personally, I thought it was entertaining. But… I am a kind soul and thought I would help everyone out. After hearing the mom shout this little one’s name a dozen times, I too shouted his name and of course because toddlers are way too trusting of strangers, he was immediately enamored by this stranger calling his name. I then proceeded to distract him with everything in my backpack and ultimately, we drew a picture together while his mother looked on with absolute admiration. In my head I’m thinking, hey lady I hope you talk to your kid about not talking to strangers…because…. Well…. this was weird…. But hey at least we got to draw a picture of a T-rex having a dance party while watching a T.V. and no one questioned


me on why I have a pen light and a stethoscope “randomly” in my backpack while waiting in a doctor’s office.
Children. Love me. It’s an unusual yet comical blessing.



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